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Hi love ~ this is where you can be & breathe for a moment. 

A safe space to be just as you wish ~

I am here to listen and be present with you 
in your entirety, seeing and loving you as a radiant reflection of all that is.

in my experience,

when vulnerability is met with unconditional love, space is created for recalibration, miracles & alchemy.


What would life be like if you unconditionally loved & accepted your self? 

Here are the details:

These are 50 or 80 minute video chats, where you will be met with unconditional love, acceptance and support.

Before the session, I ask you to tune in with your self and set an intention for what you want to be seen, loved and supported in. Where are you open to empowering practices and recalibration in your life?

During the session, show up as you are, and share your intention.

Whatever the thought pattern, behavior, reaction, pattern or situation, we find a way to love it and create a story that shifts, transforms, empowers, or gives closure as needed. 

My role as Presence is to be a safe, loving space and to witness all that presents itself with loving awareness, in a sovereign field of unity consciousness. I do often offer tools and practices, or act as a reflection to serve your highest path.

feeling the resonant


Short & focused session with a single clear intention

50 min - $88

Longer session with ability to explore multiple topics

80 min - $144

If you have an aligned energy exchange idea or unique situation, please, email me!

trades & alternate exchanges

Sessions are held online or in-person (Bayfield, WI)

Send me an email & let's chat ~

Have a specific/sensitive topic you need support with?

What exactly is unconditional love?

Unconditional love is a transformational frequency.

It is quite literally, love without condition. You can be exactly as you are, with all the perceived faults and failures, the skeletons in the basement, the locked away memories, and the current habits or patterns that you know are not serving you, because you will be met with love.... and not the dictionary kind of love. This is an energy that transcends language. It is a feeling that defies logic, rationality and the very notion of evil. Love is the very fabric of existence, the threads connecting the tapestry of all that is, the essence of spirit itself.

When you know in every fiber of your being that all parts of you are loved and accepted, the field of infinite possibility opens, the path of your highest flow is available, and the gifts of challenges are made clear.

What you resist, persists.

Most often attributed to Jung, this has been a consistent truth in my own awareness practice. If I try to hide something away from my self, or another, if I try to short circuit a healing process, evade a specific emotion, or practice avoidance through any number of substances, behaviors and tricky mental games, whatever I am trying to hide remains. It just gets buried beneath all these mechanisms we have learned and masks we have worn.

This space is designed and held so that you do not have to hide. You can take off the masks, let go of the pressures, release expectations from self and others, and actually acknowledge all the fear, pain, hardened shame, rage, grief, uncertainty, and all of the other emotions with spiky feelings. 

Without judgement, without mental analysis, without making anything wrong ~ we simply sit, listen and see with an open heart. We allow anything that needs to bubble into awareness to join and be seen, first and foremost, to be lovingly accepted and from there, the alchemy can happen.

Why express all this hidden stuff

What is alchemy

In the old ways, alchemy is the art of turning lead into gold.  Applied here, we turn the stones of our troubles, challenges and difficulties into fuel for our dreams, gems for our character and wisdom for our life.

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