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storyteller maker alchemist magical CREATOR

meet Megan Katherine

part human ~ faery ~ starchild ~ artist ~ designer ~ alchemist ~ lila


Be curious. Move gently.

Choose grace. Live reverently.

Love deeply. Trust spirit.

Speak truth. Walk in beauty.

Life started with a YES

At age 22, I was living someone else's dream, with my foot in the door at a law firm, and a steady, sufficient salary for a college grad with no experience. I was also miserable, bored, and drunk or hungover, right alongside my colleagues, according to the stories around the cooler.

Nine months into the job, March 2012, I was fired.

Two days later, I accepted the position of Cooking Enthusiast at a farm and retreat center in California. It started in two months.

Over the next two years, I cooked, farmed, catered and ate amazing food all across the country. I had a catering business called Megan Katherine Catering, for which I made posters.

People started asking me if they could hire me for design, and I said, yes, of course. 

That is how I began sharing the service of graphic and website design.

It is also how I began offering myself as a listener, storyteller & maker.

The rest is an epic story of adventure, integrating shadow and light, the art of life, being told here.

what keeps me here is the
 joy, awe & magic from supporting souls

bringing their light & lovingly living their roles.

i have been building digital homes for 10+ years

the plants

have been

my path



honor ~ respect ~ give ~ receive

find me in fields & forests, or at the water

listening for the

melodies of the earth

honoring creation

death and birth

my presence is grounded ~ embodied ~ heart-led

CREATING from & for


guided by land
guided by love

why i create

It is the fuel of my soul.


I must create so I may be expressed.

I must create so I make room to keep exploring.

I must create so I can be empty. Without thought, all is love.

I find creation in its' varying forms infinitely fascinating. Weaving the threads of spirit into spaces that span digital, physical and energetic realms with frequencies that resonate with vessels tuned just-so.

I must create so I may live in beauty.

The world is full of everything. Chaos is inevitable. Better to learn how to ride the waves, and choose where possible.

I can choose to surround myself with beautiful places, people, spaces. 


I can choose to support the dreams of those who dream the same world as me, the one where we live in harmony.


I can choose to tell difficult stories with love, to embody my truth for no other reason than it is. 

I choose magic.

I am life creating itself.

angels have said,

(always blessed in who i create with)

"ABSOLUTE PURE MAGIC! Of the highest, deepest, most transformative and luminous kind. Megan was - in all the ways - a digital doula to the gestation and birth of my brand.


"I always felt so cared for by Megan ~ it was like stepping into a realm of pure possibility, beauty, fun, lightness, love and wonder.


"With Megan as witness, guide and space-holder, I was able to bring through my own creative essence and truly bringing into form what once only felt like a feeling that was almost indescribable.


"Megan helped me bring the felt and the unseen into a tangible, digital space that others can arrive into and interact with.


"The space we created online truly feels like a home for my brand, a place where others can arrive into and feel the essence of this work that goes beyond words, an energy that is deeply felt.

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