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Phase One:

Creating the visual expression

This deep, intuitive, magical co-creation was woven beyond either of our individual imaginations. A true sisterhood, supportive of a beautiful birthing of Wild Roots, powerful medicine for women reclaiming their wombs and wild lives.

Phase TwoBuilding the online portals

Through our rich conversations, we wove the threads of story and uncovered the essence of Wild Roots. An aliveness percolated every bit of the process, and juiciness bled into the words, images, colors; intention woven into every aspect of this birthing.

This was a major aesthetic upgrade as well as holding space for deeper embodiment and soul offering ~ transformative and requiring great patience and listening from us both.

Phase ThreeSocial media toolkit

We created a color scheme, font book, key graphics and templates, so making social media content creation can be playful, easy and have brand cohesion.

The transformation!

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